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CMM-Manager: full feature metrology software

CMM-Manager is a task-oriented, highly intuitive 3D metrology software package for vision, manual, and CNC coordinate measuring machines. It is a fully integrated environment featuring walk-in quick-measure, one-click CAD-measure, collision-free CAD-teach, virtual simulation, real-time verification, advanced path planning, vision / optical measurement tools, lighting control,CAD alignment, datum alignment and many more smart functions.  Object oriented interface allows easy program creation without seeing complex text programming language.

CMM-Manager also offers flexible yet easy-to-use functionalities, including graphical probe configuration management, automatic tip calibration, cross section scanning and group feature measurement.  Simplify your metrology tasks through our intuitive yet powerful software.

3.10 release

 -CMM-Manager version 3.10
    official 3.10 release is now available

CMM-Manager Vision

 -CMM-Manager Automation
    easily intergrate into manufacturing cell

CMM-Manager Vision

 -CMM-Manager Vision
    for Nikon iNexiv optical measuring system

weekly web demo

 -Weekly Web Demos
    Click to sign up for our next web demo here

CMM-Manager working with Windows 10

 -Windows 10
    QA testing now performed in Windows 10

PH20 Probe and MCR20 Rack

 -Special PH20/PH10 Retrofit Promotion
    Offer valid in North America only

CMM-Manager Demo Videos

Plug-n-Play Upgrades

CMM-Manager will upgrade most new and used CMM's using existing hardware and is Windows 7 thru 10 compliant while supporting legacy Windows systems back to XP.  A zero hardware retrofit is achieved with CMM-Manager, directly interfacing to CMM controller via serial, USB, Ethernet, GPIB, PCI / ISA expansion cards, WiFi and more.  CMM-Manager supports probing systems including Renishaw PH20, SP25, TP20/2, Zeiss RDS, ST, TesaStar, USB and composite cameras, Nikon iNexiv vision, and more.  For manual CMM's if a plug-n-play interface is not available, a USB interface / retrofit can be provided that will work with any metrology equipment.

DCC Manual
- Sheffield1 MP / SMP - Mitutoyo - FARO Arm - Romer Arm1
- Brown & Sharpe1 - DEA1   - MCA Arm - MCA II / X Arm
- Zeiss - LK / Metris   - Sheffield1 - Brown & Sharpe1
- Starrett - Numerex   - Mitutoyo - Renishaw UCC
- Helmel - Leitz1   - Insight USB - Helmel USB
- Wenzel - Renishaw - Numerex - K-CMM / Krypton
- I++ -Deva DCC   - I-Probe / iGPS - Baces3D Arm
- Nikon iNexiv™ VMA - Nikon Nexiv™ VMZ-R   - MicroScribe Arm - RPS Smart Arm

1Sheffield, Brown & Sharpe, DEA and Romer are registered trademarks of Hexagon Metrology