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Tip compensatiopn in a Manual CMM

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:27 pm
by jpo_031
Hi there.
I'm bugging you again almost with almost the same issue I've asked before, the difference is that in the previous occasion it was for a Brand new CMM (3 COORD) and with your help I was finally able to solve some of the problems, one still when calibrating on DCC I'm still having one error (4998 error), but today my problem is with a Manual CMM. HELMEL
In this case after I calibrate a cylinder tip I'm verifying with different ring gauges and gage blocks also a 1,2,3 block and I'm always having a difference of either.002 inches or .05 mm some times in only one direction some times in both axes X,Y, I did the establishing of reference tip, sphere and ring gage and locating them, as well as calibrating the reference and all tips so with ball shape tips there is no problem is always with cylindrical tips, I know how to correct this issue in the other CMM but not in the manual since I can't find the controller or software to adjust the parameters as in UCC server for the other machine. So can you please give me a hand on how to correct this , since the cylinder tips are the primary use on this company and ball tips wont be the best option for sheet metal.
Thanks in advance.