iNexiv Calibration Procedure

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iNexiv Calibration Procedure

Post by US_Helpdesk » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:11 pm

1) Calibrate Camera :- vision > setup > calibrate camera:

a) Select Calibrate Camera from Vision ribbon Tab>Setup
b) Place circular feature within camera FOV and edit "circle diameter" accordingly
c) Collect/end points at all 5 locations as prompted on screen.

NOTE: Move machine using joystick to each of the five locations (4 corners and center)

2) Calibrate Video Tip :- vision > setup > calibrate video tip:

i) Pixel Resolution -

a) Place calibration artifact on machine table
b) Select Pixel Resolution from Ribbon Tab Vision>Setup>Calibrate Video Tip or in tip manager
c) Center FOV on calibration artifact and click "ok"
d) Place the artifact in the center FOV at highest magnification
e) Click "OK" to start calibration

ii) Parcentricity -

a) Select parcentricity calibration from the drop down list in set up tab or in tip manager
b) Use 1mm circle directly above the top arrow on calibration plate
c) Place circle pattern in the center of FOV at highest magnification
d) Follow prompts as indicated in the calibration dialogue box
e) Click OK on "parcentricity calibration has been complete" dialogue box to accept results
f) Click verification and OK to "Parcentricity Calibration Results" to verify results
g) Click OK to finish

sequence is run > verification > ok.

iii) Calibrate Offset -

a) select Calibrate Offset from the drop down list in set up tab
b) click OK to dialogue box that indicates "CMM will use Ref_Tip for calibration"
c) follow iNexiv Cross Calibration promts on pop up window by clicking OK

See Guide here:
CMM-Manager vision and multisensor calibration guide_revB.pdf
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