Parametric Program - Contoured Surface / Cloud

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Parametric Program - Contoured Surface / Cloud

Post by US_Helpdesk » Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:09 pm

See this thread for overview of Parametric Programming -

For specialized cases where you do not want to parametrically assign a feature location but instead a complex curve or surface you can do this... Measure the surface as a cloud then report Cloud to CAD Deviation.

Before the Cloud measurement and report:
  • 1) Create a VB variable using an InputBox(), value read from file, by some calculation, etc.
    2) Construct a point at xyz - 0,0,0.
    3) Recall one or all of the axes from the VB variable(s) for the xyz nominal of constructed point.
    4) Set Origin to the constructed point.
    5) Perform Runtime Align Part.
figure (1)

Code: Select all

shift = InputBox("Please enter +/- offset")
shift = -1 * shift
figure (2)
figure (3)
Now when the program runs, before the cloud is measured / reported the CAD model and probe paths are shifted by the value of the variable.

See attached program...
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