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Reinstalling v3.4?

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:55 pm
by qinsp
A motherboard/windows crash with no available replacement M/B has caused us to replace the PC. We have 3 HDDs for this computer with valid CMM-Manager on them. Original bricked when the OS crashed and Win7 tried to fix it. Two others are HDD mirrors (2016&2019) but I won't allow Windows to 'fix' them.
Windows is not transportable across different motherboards AFAIK.

So what files must I manually retrieve from v3.4? I unhid the ProgramData\Nikon directory and copied that over. And I copied over the Program Files (x86) directory. No love. The machine doesn't remember it's settings. The machine is a Mitutoyo CMMC-3 that talks over GPIB. GPIB can ID the CMM controller and does go bidirectional, but the DCC and XYZ display don't work.

I bought CMM-Manager and installed it myself in 2015. But I didn't take notes or see Install Instructions.

Re: Reinstalling v3.4?

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:42 pm
by CrashN8
Please contact our license team at for assistance. Are you able to run Windows using any of these HDD's? To transfer license the PC must be working... If not, our license team will need to be involved in order to transfer license for you. You might search for files with .C2V or .V2C extension on this system and send to license team with your initial inquiry.

Re: Reinstalling v3.4?

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:58 pm
by qinsp
All 3 SSD's which were operational mirrors, would not longer run Win7-64 Pro on the motherboard. The motherboard was out of production and could not be replaced. The licensing is fine, I had Nikon send me a fresh RUS and it works. And I finally got the machine to operate in both Joystick and DCC with correct DRO output.
However, the error map and other setup files are different now. I can find no docs on which files I need to copy over to re-establish the CMM operational data.

Normally, you are supposed to Export this data then Import it to switch computers. However, you cannot run CMM-Manager from a second HDD (in my case F: drive), but I CAN see the files except for the registry. If I knew which files were what, I could manually copy them over to C: from F:.

Once we get the machine set back up, we will Export and save after each annual calibration, instead of just mirroring the drive as a backup.

So at a minimum, let this be a warning to others. Backing up a HDD might not save you in a hardware crash. Or was it a Windows crash? There is no way to tell without a clean Win install that wipes your data. We have 10 CMMs that run Windows, and have always been able to fix them by using a disk mirror (see Apricorn products for disk mirror tools), until now.

Re: Reinstalling v3.4?

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 3:42 pm
by CrashN8
There is an option to use USB Dongle vs. Soft-lock that would prevent all of this... Then you just don't lose your Dongle, LOL.