CMM-Manager User Group Meetings

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What User Group activities are most appealing to you?

Advanced Training - VB Scripting
Advanced Training - Offline Programming
Advanced Training - Shop Floor Launcher
Advanced Training - Operation Planner
Advanced Training - Vision Measurement
Advanced Training - Barcode Reading / OCR
Provide Feedback to the Development Team
Open Forum / Q&A Session
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CMM-Manager User Group Meetings

Post by CrashN8 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:00 am

We're looking for candidate locations to host user group meetings for the upcoming year. We prefer to host meeting at location where several CMM's, portable arms, vision systems, etc. all supported by CMM-Manager are available for use.

We now have some candidate locations in mind, stay tuned as we finalize the list and determine dates for this years events.
  • Columbus, OH - CMM-Manager Development Team Office
  • Charlotte, NC area
  • Pacific Northwest?
  • East Coast?
These user meetings give our users a chance for our development and planning teams to talk directly with active CMM-Manager users. Typically we split a one day session into two activities.

1) Advanced Training - we will provide training on advanced or underutilized CMM-Manager capabilities. In the past this has included VB Scripting, Shop Floor Launcher, Operation Planner, Path Planning, Report Customization, etc.

2) Open Forum - this is a chance for customer to provide feedback, requests, etc. directly to our development and planning teams. We value customer feedback and still maintain a high priority on using this feedback to guide our product.

Subscribe to this thread to follow updates on upcoming User Meeting both online and locally throughout the US. Please download the User Group Meeting presentation material for info on past meetings and advanced training content.
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Re: CMM-Manager User Group Meetings

Post by bedenr01 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:34 am

Looking forward to an update on a meeting in Charlotte.

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