Profile with Datum MMC Modifier

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Profile with Datum MMC Modifier

Post by CrashN8 » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:48 pm

Currently it is not possible to directly apply MMC to Datum feature(s) while reporting Profile by Cloud to CAD. It is however possible to add second "User Defined" report that includes adjusted tolerance zone to account for Bonus tolerance from Datum circle. See steps below as well as attached Project File from CMM-Manager 3.9 SP2. Update - I've added a version of project file that contains not only one but two Profile outputs, both are referring to Datum-C- for (MMC)

Start by measuring and reporting Datum circle diameter. Note this tolerance will be used to calculate Bonus tolerance. Then Report Cloud to CAD Deviation with Profile option selected as shown below. Note - Please set the 3D tolerance to represent the blueprint Profile tolerance - do not need to check 3D... just need the tolerance specified.



Now we add a long VBScript... Don't worry you only need to paste into your Program and edit 4 parameters. Line 1-4... edit values in "quotations" to reflect the Datum Circle Feature Name, Datum Feature Type (ID or OD), Cloud to CAD Deviation Report Name, and Cloud Name. You'll see these names in Feature and Report Database Window.

Code: Select all

featName = "Datum_C_"                    'enter Datum name in "quotations"
featType = "ID"                          'set to ID or OD
profNm = "Cloud-to-CAD Deviation"        'name of Cloud 2 CAD Profile
cldNm = "CLOUD1"                         'name of Cloud used for Profile

actDIA =  GetReportInfo(featName, "DIA", 2 )
nomDIA =  GetReportInfo(featName, "DIA", 1 )
LMC =  nomDIA + GetReportInfo(featName, "DIA", 4 )
MMC =  nomDIA + GetReportInfo(featName, "DIA", 5 )

If featType = "ID" Then
Bonus = Round(actDIA - LMC,4)
Bonus = Round(MMC - actDIA,4)
End If

If Bonus < 0 Then
Bonus = 0
End If

If Bonus > Abs(MMC-LMC) Then
Bonus = Abs(MMC-LMC)
End If

numPts =  GetFeaturePropertyAct(cldNm,1)
CldPtNm = cldNm & ":P1:3D"
lowProf = GetReportInfo(profNm, CldPtNm, 4 ) - (Bonus/2)
uppProf = GetReportInfo(profNm, CldPtNm, 5 ) + (Bonus/2)

maxProf = 0
for i = 1 to numPts
CldPtNm = cldNm & ":P" & i & ":3D"
actProf = GetReportInfo(profNm, CldPtNm, 3 )
If abs(actProf) > abs(maxProf) Then
maxProf = actProf
End If

Finally add a User Defined Report and specify Variable name for Actual, Lower and Upper Tolerance as shown below. When the program runs the VBScript calculates new tolerance zone and then populates values in User Defined Report to reflect the Tolerance Zone plus Bonus.


Non modified and modified Profile will both be displayed in Default Report. You could make a copy of Default Report and Remove the first Profile as needed.

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