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Machine not recalling saved fixture reference frames

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:33 am
by Jerry P
Lately one machine is having trouble recalling a saved Fixture reference frame. After manually alignments we have it save a fixture reference frame. Then recall that reference frame and run DDC. But lately it seems like we have to do the manually alignments and re save the fixture reference frame a couple of times before the DDC runs right. I have one thought what might be causing this. There is about 200 saved fixture reference frames on the list. Could this large quantity of saved fixture reference frames be causing some problems? The other machine no problem and it has about 50 saved fixture reference frames. Anyone have any thoughts?

Re: Machine not recalling saved fixture reference frames

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:25 am
by CrashN8
When you save 'Fixture' Ref Frame it's saved to the Windows Registry, so as long as you have no restrictions to Read / Write to Registry on this PC there should not be an issue. Note - many other CMM-Manager settings are written to the same area of WIndows Registry, so if you have permissions issues on your PC it will not be limited to Ref Frames.

Note - a Cached version of Ref Frame is saved to Project file along with what is saved to Registry. If for some reason the Registry cannot be accessed then this Cached version of Re Frame used. SOmetimes we've seen strange behavior when Cached Ref Frame and Ref Frame in Registry go out of Sync. I suggest opening the Project / Program file, then double click to open each Ref Frame program operation and simply click OK. This will refresh these Cached version(s) of Ref Frame and may fix your problem.