Calculate Measured Arc Length

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Calculate Measured Arc Length

Post by CrashN8 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:18 pm

In order to find Arc length you need 3 measurements. A circle (Arc), and a line or point at each of of the Arc. From there construct lines from center of Circle to end points of Arc and report both the diameter of Circle and Angle between two constructed lines.
Given the equation to calculate partial circumference is:
(sweep angle / 360) * Circle Dia * pi

You just need to perform this calculation in VB Script operation after performing these Measurements, Constructions, and initial Reports. Assuming you have features named "CIRCLE1", "LINE2", and "LINE3" and have reported Diameter and Angle then you can add this VB Script:

Code: Select all

MyDia =  GetReportInfo("CIRCLE1", "DIA", 2)
MyAng =  GetReportInfo("ANGL BT LINE1 and LINE3", "3D",2)
pi = 4*Atn(1)

MyArc = (MyAng/360) * MyDia * pi
Now you have a Variable with your answer. To get the variable value back into your CMM-Manager report just add a User Defined dimension and set Variable for Actual value as "MyArc"
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