Basic Licensing Troubleshooting

Topics applicable to newer version(s) of CMM-Manager (3.0+)
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Basic Licensing Troubleshooting

Post by JonMasnari » Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:51 pm

Basic Licensing Troubleshooting

Have you encountered a “No Valid License Found” or similar message(possibly no “HASP device found”)?

If you are running a version prior to 3.9, downloading and installing the file here: ... /licensing should resolve the issue.

If you are running 3.9, the steps below should resolve it(you will need administrative privileges to do this. If the start/stop options are greyed out, you don't have the appropriate permissions):
1) Type “Services” in the Windows 10 search box to open the Services windows
2) Find “Sentinel LDK License Manager” and double click it
3) Click “Stop”
4) Click “Start”
5) Click “OK”
6) Close the “Services” windows

Do you have a Product Key that needs to be activated?

Step 1: Install CMM-Manager on the PC you want to run CMM-Manager on. Unless you have a particular reason to use a previous version, I recommend downloading the latest version found here: Once you’ve downloaded that, go ahead and install both files included in that zip archive.

Step 2: Create a C2V file on the computer you just installed CMM-Manager on:
You can generate a C2V file via RUS (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Nikon Metrology -> Licensing -> License Remote Update System). Make sure you have "Installation of New Protection Key" selected at the bottom of the window before collecting information. When you hit "Collect Information" you'll need to pick a file name before saving. Once saved, send the file to me as an attachment.

Step 3: On a PC with internet access (this can be the same PC with CMM-Manager, or a totally separate one) go to ... Login.html (make sure the ‘L’ in Login is capitalized.

Step 4: Enter your product key where prompted, hit “Login” when finished.

Step 5: If prompted, enter your first and last name along with your email address. If it prompts that your address is already in use, click the login button and enter it.

Step 6: On the next page you should see a dark grey bar at the top with two buttons “Online Activation”(don’t use this) and “Offline Activation” (DO use this). Click “Offline Activation”.

Step 7: Use the “…” button under “Upload C2V” on the window that pops up to select the C2V file you made earlier (if needed you can transfer the C2V file to the computer with a USB drive). When you’ve selected the file, hit “Generate”.

Step 8: After a few seconds, the window should change and there should be a row with a KeyID and, most importantly, an orange link that says V2C. Click on that V2C link to save the update file.

Step 9: Back on the computer with CMM-Manager, click to the “Apply License File” tab of the RUS program you used to create the C2V file. Use the “…” button to select the update file you made and then hit “Apply Update”. You should receive a message that the update was written successfully. Activation is done at this stage.

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