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CMM-Manager Software: Features & Benefits

Fully Integrated 3D Metrology Software

Advanced Path Planning

Powerful Alignment Tools

Full Reporting Capabilities

Reverse Engineering Support


Available in many Software Configurations and Options

DCC Manual Portable Standard Lite Native CAD SP25 Probing Vison Probe Gear Inspect I++

DCC Software Info

  • No Additional Hardware Required
  • Plug-n-Play to Existing Equipment
  • Create Programs with Manual and DCC Features
  • Automatic Probe Calibration
  • Create DCC Features Using DCC Re-Measure
  • Clearance Plane or Full Auto Path Planning
  • Share Programs with Manual or Portable Equipment
cmm-manager color display


Plug-n-Play Interface to most DCC, Manual and Portable CMM's


 -Nikon MCA II


 -Nikon iNexiv

Nikon LK CMM

 -Nikon / LK DCC CMM

Nikon iGPS

 -Nikon iGPS / iProbe


 -Renishaw PH20

Numerous Direct Interfaces for Manual and DCC CMM's