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30 day Trial License Request

Try CMM-Manager Free for 30 days.  Just install the software and then request a trial license below.  We'll help you setup your software and create your first program.  Already own CMM-Manager and want to try the latest version?  You can do that too!  Thank you for trying our software, please let us know if we can help in any way.

Affected by COVID-19?  If you're working from home and require Offline software to stay productive please request trial license below.  Please Save the Help Desk File from your Online software and then Import into your Offline seat in the System Ribbon Tab.


Read and follow EACH STEP below to obtain your trial copy

1. Download CMM-Manager using the following link:

I have read all instructions and license agreement:

32 bit Operating System

64 bit Operating System

2. Run cmm-manager_38_SP1 setup.exe on the computer that you plan to install the CMM-Manager software.

3. Follow all default prompts during the installation. If you've already installed an older version be sure to answer YES when prompted if you'd like to transfer settings from previous version.

4. optional - Run CadConverterInstaller if Native CAD or Step Import is desired.

5. Restart the PC after installation when prompted.

6. Run NikonRus.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Licensing or by locating the program in Windows - Start Menu>All Programs>Nikon Metrology>Licensing>License Remote Update System

7. From RUS Utility choose the Collect Status Information (first tab) For new requests select the Installation of new protection key option then click the Collect Information button

-----Note: Choose the Update of existing protection key option for renewal of existing license.

8. Save the .c2v file to your Desktop or in some location you can easily locate the file.

9. Complete the form below including attaching the .c2v file from the previous step.


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